C2S Recruitment

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Major Industral zone : Bangkok & Up country

 What Benefits from C2S Recruitment

a.) Work smart as the professional recruiter with experiences in different business.

b.) Being a part of “ HRD executive team “ to handle all process of recruiting & selection instead of your company.

c.) Trust for “ Privacy Policy “ both of employers & candidates

d.) Zero risk of advance payment which able to replace under 3 replacements.

e.) Flexible for hiring condition – permanent or temporary , contract .

f.) Verify the WANT between employer & candidate under Win-Win strategy.

Operation Process

Employer’s process

a.)Send your requirement / specs

- By E-mail :cs1@c2jobs.com , cs2@c2jobs.com

- By Calling : 02-247-0100 , 086-391-0484

- By fax : 02-640-1562 (autoline)

b.) Contact back by C2SR Staff.

c.) Initial information & requirement review.

d.) Select & submit the candidate resume.

e.) Interview session’s preparation.

f.) Get the solution , sign hiring contract

g.) Start working with Happy emotion.

“ ZERO advance Payment “

Job-Seeker’s process

a.) Send your requirement / resume….

- By E-mail:cs1@c2jobs.com ,cs2@c2jobs.com

- By Calling : 02-247-0100, 086-391-0484

- By fax : 02-640-1562 (autoline)

b.) Review the requirement / resume by consultant.

c.) Interview and testing ( if necessary )

d.) Job matching with employer’s requirement.

e.) Final solution & sign the contract.

f.) Resign from previous company

g.) Start working with Happy emotion.

“ ZERO Expenses “